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English road collisions presented at local authority level compared against residential population, road safety spend and traffic volumes between 2005 and 2013. Further details →

Local authorities

Access and download local authority profiles detailing road collisions against key indicators.

Comparison indicators

Compare local authorities by key comparison indicators and download the data.

Collision map

See where road collisions have happened in your local authority.

All casualties across England, by severity.

All collisions across England, by severity.

Total number of collisions per road owner.

Total number of casualties per 100 million vehicle miles across England.

Total capital spend on road safety across England.

Total revenue spend on road safety across England.


Overall, England's roads are among the safest in the world but road safety performance varies among Local Highways Authorities (LHAs), where many factors affect road safety performance.

This website provides information on LHA performance that is easily accessible in a straightforward way, so that you can form your own assessment of performance.

The commitment to create this website is part of the Strategic framework for road safety.

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All datasets used to produce charts and data tables are downloadable in a machine-readable format.

The data used on this website is sourced from either Department for Transport, the Office for National Statistics or from the Local Highways Authorities (LHAs) themselves via the Department for Communities and Local Government.

There is no scope to change the data until the following year's data becomes available.

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